Kundenmeinungen / Quotes

Living Stone

Anne-Mie Vansteelant – Managing Partner at Living Stone, a Belgium-based B2B marketing agency working on an international scale

“The German market is very important for many of our customers. Perfect German language copywriting is vitally important to the success of our Go2Market programs in DACH countries. If there’s anyone I trust with the Living Stone customer portfolio, it’s Gerd. Be it for technical copywriting matters, customer reference cases including video testimonials, or voice of customer sessions in DACH; he’s our man. And his projects are always delivered to us on time.

Thank you Gerd, let’s continue the good works 🙂


Oene-Wim Stallinga –  Global Marketing Director, Nexans Cabling Solutions

“I have known Gerd for many years now. He understands the technically advanced solutions of Nexans Cabling Solutions as well as our marketing objectives and tactics. As a result, Gerd is a knowledgeable and reliable source for us in copy writing (articles, white papers…) and translations for our German speaking markets.”

Emtelle Deutschland GmbH

Ralf GorontziGeschäftsführer Emtelle Deutschland

„Ich habe Gerd vor 5 Jahren kennen gelernt. Er hat seitdem kräftig mitgeholfen, die Emtelle Homepage zu gestalten, Datenblätter zu übersetzen, Pressemitteilungen, Kataloge und Flyer zu gestalten und die Emtelle GmbH auf einer der wichtigsten Fachmessen mit einem Messevortrag zu unterstützen.“


Jade HushMarketing Manager at Emtelle Hawick, Scottish Borders, UK

„Emtelle has worked together with Gerd for many years now. We appreciate his work as a reliable copywriter and translator. He has good technical knowledge about the fiber industry and has proved that he has an efficient, and professional work method across all tasks.“